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Some safety precautions to take when making asphalt repairs

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Asphalt repair may seem like a simple job, but it comes with a number of hazards that will need to be controlled. The task should be safe enough provided the correct safety procedures have been followed. Here are some things you should think about.


If you are using hot asphalt in your repair, it will be at a high temperature. You should take care to remove any risk of fire or explosion. The most important thing is to keep any sources of ignition away from the asphalt. Cigarettes can be a particular problem, so you should make sure that no one smokes near the asphalt and that warning signs are put up for the benefit of passers-by. You should also be careful of sparks and electricity cables. In addition, remember to keep your equipment clean so that asphalt does not build up. Then a fire should not spread through the machinery if it starts at the spray bar.


Skin contact with asphalt can cause burns or other irritation. Chemicals can also enter the bloodstream through the skin and cause serious illness. You should therefore make sure that no one comes into contact with the substance. Personal protective equipment should be supplied to anyone who has to work with the asphalt. This should include thermal gloves with gauntlets that extend up the arm and safety shoes or boots. Workers should also wear safety goggles and visors to protect themselves from any splashes of asphalt that could damage the eyes. You should also ensure that all workers are trained in first aid and know what to do in case of an asphalt burn,


Finally, you should protect your workers from inhaling toxic fumes or vapours given off by the asphalt. Fumes from asphalt can irritate and even damage the lungs and can cause trouble for people with respiratory problems. One solution is to use an asphalt mix that uses less toxic solvents and so does not give off so many harmful fumes. Otherwise, you can use mechanical means to remove the harmful air or to flood in uncontaminated air. Failing this, your operatives should be given respirators for their safety, although you should make sure that they are trained in the correct use of this equipment.

There is no reason why any job involving asphalt should result in an accident or injury. All you need to do is take adequate safety precautions, and the health and safety of the workforce will be assured.

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