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Four Advantages Of Using Commercial Epoxy Flooring In Commercial Garages

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Are you looking for a flooring option that will be durable and cost-effective for your commercial garage? Commercial epoxy flooring may be the solution that you have been looking for. Commercial epoxy flooring has many benefits including high durability, low VOC content, easy installation and more. Here are four advantages of using commercial epoxy flooring in commercial garages:

1.  Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Resistant To Oil And Gas

The first advantage to using epoxy flooring in your commercial garage is that it's resistant to oil and gas. It is also resistant to alcohols and hydrocarbons. These are chemicals that are frequently found in garages and other commercial facilities. This makes it ideal for garages where cars are repaired or worked on, as well as those that store large amounts of fuel and other hazardous materials.

2. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Provides Excellent Slip Resistance

Garage epoxy floor coating provides excellent slip resistance, which makes it ideal for use in garages where people may be working on cars or other vehicles with grease or oil on their hands or clothing. This helps prevent accidents that could cause injury or property damage when someone slips on an oil spillage from an auto repair shop's customer's vehicle.

3. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Durable And Can Handle Heavy Truck Loads

Commercial epoxy flooring is made up of two layers: an outer layer that contains a special resin and an inner layer that provides a smooth finish. This combination is what makes it so durable and able to withstand heavy truck loads. The resin in the outer layer provides a strong bond between the two layers, while the inner layer helps prevent rusting and corrosion. These features make commercial epoxy flooring perfect for use in garages where vehicles will be driving over them on a regular basis.

4. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Has A Low VOC Content

The low VOC content of garage epoxy floor coating means that you will not have any smells coming from this type of flooring which makes it easier to install inside of your garage without having to worry about any odours wafting through the air which could cause issues with employees who might be sensitive to strong smells such as those found in some paints or other types of chemicals used during installation processes like sealing coatings for example.

Commercial epoxy flooring is a great choice if you want a durable, low-maintenance floor that's easy to clean and won't need repairs or replacement. For more information on garage epoxy floor coating, chat with a flooring contractor today.