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How To Give Your Backyard A Rustic Feeling

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Many people long for an imagined past where times were simpler, and this is reflected across millions of houses across the world. Retro and rustic styles are both in, and families are looking at interesting and unique ways to integrate those themes into their homes. A big part of this move to a more authentic rustic feeling is done by organising the backyard in a way that mimics the design elements in your home. Here are three ways you can give your backyard a more rustic feeling while keeping it easily accessible and usable. 

Natural Stone Pavers

If you want a rustic feeling then you cannot go past natural stone pavers as part of your design. Stone has been used as a construction material for thousands of years and continues to be popular in the modern age. Look for natural stone pavers that fit your colour scheme as they can come in many different variations. Also, when it comes to rustic-feeling pavers, less is more. That means keep pathways and living areas to a minimum and reduce clutter. Nature should be the focus here, and your natural stone pavers should reflect that, not overwhelm it.


Too often modern homes ruin the facade by adding in ugly fences that do not match the rest of the aesthetic at all. For a rustic garden, you want to go with natural-coloured timber with the possibility of some barbed wire on top or some threaded wire between fence posts. Try and get darker-coloured wood rather than the lighter variety, as this adds a more refined touch and look less processed. Rustic fencing should not be too tall either — waist height at a maximum. It should mimic fences that you might find on a country estate rather than those at a warehouse, so keep it laid back.

Garden Features

When it comes to the features in your garden, this is where you can be more reserved and save a few bucks. A couple of timber chairs in the shade of a large tree is preferable, but if you must have an outdoor living area, then keep it close to the house so that it does not interrupt the flow of the yard. If you want a plant feature, then try and stick to dark earthy colours rather than bright, exotic variants. When using mulch, always go for a natural and biodegradable option; stay away from the plastic insulation that is getting more popular.