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3 Reasons to Use Cement Rendering on Your External Walls

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If you aren't happy with the way your home looks from the outside, then you may want to spruce it up. Your brickwork may just look a bit tired and old. Or, your walls may be surfaced with a material that you don't like, or that is looking worn. Cement rendering could be the answer. This process covers walls with a sturdy mix of sand and cement. What are the benefits?

1. Get an Immediate Make-over

When you render a wall, you effectively give it a whole new surface. Rendering makes a wall look like new without having to do any major structural work. This process covers or replaces old surfaces that are cosmetically unappealing. It can also hide minor defects and damage. If you plan on staying in your home, then you'll be happy with a new look. If you plan to sell in the near future, then a coat of render could improve your home's kerb appeal and its value.

2. Improve Weatherproofing and Thermal Efficiency

If your walls are old, they may not be as weatherproof as they were in the past. Small cracks and areas of damage to brickwork may let water into your walls. This could give you internal problems like damp. Also, older walls may not be thermally efficient. They may let cold come into your home and let heat escape from it. You'll have higher energy bills if you have to heat or cool your home more because your walls aren't doing their job. If you use a cement mix to render your walls, then you add a layer of protection to them. This improves your weatherproofing and thermal efficiency.

3. Get a Range of Designs and Colours

Some people aren't sure about cement rendering because they think it looks a bit plain. While you can go for smooth walls in traditional colours, rendering actually gives you a lot of choices over how your walls look now and in the future. For example, your render can be styled and textured to give it a design as it is applied. You can also choose a range of colours for the mix.

You can have tints added to the render before it is applied, so the colour goes on the wall immediately. Or, you can paint the walls after the rendering is done. In the future, you can easily change the wall colour with a new coat of paint. To find out more about cement rendering and what it could do for your walls, contact local cement rendering services and ask about your options.