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Why Permeable Pavers Are an Ecofriendly Paving Alternative

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The choice of paving you make for your home is crucial. Not only should your paving have high load-bearing qualities due to heavy usage, but it should also have a minimal impact on the environment. Typically, homeowners will gravitate toward concrete or asphalt paving as these are one of the more sturdy materials that you could use. However, this is not the only option that is valuable to you. If you would like an environmentally friendly option that will still enhance your property's curb appeal with its rustic charm, then you could consider permeable pavers. Here is why permeable pavers would be an ecofriendly paving alternative for your property.

Permeable pavers encourage the natural water cycle

Permeable pavers comprise layers of concrete that constitute joints that have been filled with small stones. As water passes through the joints of the permeable pavers, it seeps through them and makes its way down into the soil beneath the pavers. This process functions to encourage the natural water cycle and is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, permeable pavers will prevent any puddles forming on your paving. As such, there will be a decrease in water damage in the form of cracks forming in your pavers. Secondly, as the water passes through the pavers, it nourishes the soil on the property. As such, any plant life in close proximity to your pavers will not suffer from dehydration.

Permeable pavers filter the water

One thing most people do not realise about permeable pavers is that they ensure that your plant life receives cleaner water. This in turn enhances the nourishment that they receive, thus making them flourish and bloom. As the water passes through the permeable pavers, the pollutants that may be contained in it are filtered out by small stones that are within the joints of the pavers. Overall, you can rest assured that the potential of pollutants accumulating in the gravel base of the pavers is decreased.

Permeable pavers are made from recycled materials

Another reason why permeable pavers are an ecofriendly alternative to paving is that they are typically made from recycled materials. Typically, permeable pavers will be made from used concrete. This makes permeable paving a great option for homeowners looking to replace their current concrete paving as the previous concrete paving can be recycled by the paving contractors to create the permeable pavers. Not only does this reduce on the costs of your paving materials, but it also reduces your environmental impact by not having to manufacture new concrete.