Essential Pavement Repair and Maintenance Tips

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Maintaining Your Bitumen Driveway

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A bitumen driveway looks quite durable and tailored, but don't let that fool you into allowing any issues yours is having get out of hand. Bitumen driveways are a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete, without the drawbacks of gravel, but there are special concerns when it comes to general maintenance that you should be aware of. Take care of little problems right away to avoid having to replace your driveway in the near future.

Inspect Your Driveway

Holes, pits and cracks should be filled regularly to prevent them from getting bigger. Make sure to pull any weeds that are growing up through the surface. Make notes on the issues and then head to the hardware store. Grab crack-filler, cold-mix bitumen patch and sealer as needed.

Take a Look at the Forecast

You'll want to complete your repairs on a mild day, so don't begin the job if there's rain in the forecast. Your hard work will be for nothing if the rain comes and washes your sealer and filler away!

Clean the Surface

None of the products you've just spent your hard-earned money on will be effective if the surface of your driveway is dirty. First, remove weeds, clumps of grass and caked on dirt and mud. Then, hose down the driveway (you might consider renting a pressure washer for this task). Next, use a detergent and a brush to remove stubborn dirt and oil. One more rinse and your driveway will be prepped for repair.

Go in Order

Address the larger holes with your cold-mix patch first, and then move on to your crack filler. If you're having trouble getting these to take, consider calling in a pro to get some hot-mix patchwork done. Once your holes and cracks are filled, you can seal it all in one big swoop.

Know Your Limits

The reality is, there is sometimes no substitute for a professional evaluation of your driveway. If holes and cracks keep appearing, or your repair efforts don't take, make sure to call a reputable bitumen drive installer like B & P Bitumen Repairs for an accurate assessment of what should be done.

In most cases, an established contractor will be too busy to drive around cold calling at random homes. This, however, does not mean that you shouldn't consider such options. Choose someone that you trust to work with, and if necessary set up a regular maintenance service so that you'll know your driveway is always in good shape.