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Why You Should Think About Tiling When Building or Renovating Your Pool

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One of the most important decisions you'll have to make regarding you pool is how to dress it up. The three main options on the table are plastering, installing a vinyl cover or tiling. If you're constructing a pool or renovating your old one, find out why you should opt for swimming pool tiles instead of any other options.


Tiles may cost you a little bit more from your budget. However, whatever they cost you in the pocket, it'll be repaid abundantly through longevity. Once installed, your pool tiles will last for years to come, unlike vinyl covers that have to be replaced regularly. More than that, once they are installed, you won't experience wear damage or loose tiles coming off unlike plaster surfaces that may chip or vinyl covers that tend to tear or wrinkle.

Cheap to maintain

Although tiles may seem expensive when buying, they are the quite cheap to maintain. Once you have tile damage, all you have to do is replace the broken tiles. It's quick and cheap. In this particular case, it's also much, much cheaper compared to what you'd have to do with vinyl or plaster-walled pools. Damage to vinyl covers necessitates a complete replacement. With plaster, you will need professionals to knock out the plaster, re-plaster, then paint—which can get tedious and costly.

Easy to clean

The dirt will easily come off, especially after being in water 24/7. Protect the grout lines by ensuring your pool water is always clean. Yet can also get swimming pool maintenance technicians to do a thorough clean every month of after a few months. Even where your pool has been deserted for long, all that will be required is a comprehensive clean using detergent. You won't need complicated processes like the acid wash needed in plaster pools.

Many design options to choose from

Last but not least, pool tiling offers you a wide variety of design options. First, you get to choose between different shades of blue for your perfect pool color. You can then choose to have a plain color throughout your pool or mix a few shades for a more artistic look. You can also have your pool builder create different lines or patterns using different colored tiles. Alternatively, you can also opt for mosaic tiles (small-sized tiles) or glass tiles if you want your pool to stand out even more.

As you can see, tiles get a tick in all the important checkboxes. Your investment will be handsomely paid off thanks to the aesthetics and the long lifespan you will enjoy for many years to come.